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Kinder@home during COVID-19

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Kinder@home update 16 April 2020

Foundation skills for learning: Overview

Foundation skills for learning: vestibular

Foundation skills for learning: proprioception

Foundation skills for learning: the midline

Foundation skills for learning: laterality & directionality

What changes 2020 has brought!

To help you continue your child's learning and development at home we've prepared a series of videos which will help you to understand the importance of play-based learning and why we're NOT sending out worksheets.

These videos are designed to complement the weekly challenges set via our closed facebook group and Storypark which are accessible for enrolled families.

Preparing children for school takes a strong understanding of the multi-layers that make up foundation skills that later academic learning is built from.  These include

  • Retained baby reflexes

  • A strongly integrated sensory system

  • Solid development of our 7 senses (we don't just have 5)

  • Good oral language (expressive language)

  • Well developed listening skills (Auditory development / receptive language)

  • Strong core muscles (postural security)

  • Whole body coordination (crossing the mid line)

  • A solid understanding of directional, body awareness, laterality, spatial awareness.....

Only once ALL these complex system are in place can academic learning happen, including reading, writing and maths.  If we focus only on academic learning at the expense of these foundation systems this is the equivalent of building a house on shaky foundations - sooner or later, it will come crashing down.

So lets take this year together in partnership, to work towards giving our children a solid foundation for life-long learning.

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Understanding literacy in early childhood  (part 3 of 3)

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