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Our great outdoors

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We believe in the power of connections.  


For that reason, our outdoor garden area is a shared space that nurtures sibling connections and peer-to-peer teaching and learning opportunities.  


Our glorious garden spans half an acre and contains bush spaces, rock walls, real grass, vegetable gardens, an orchid, free ranging chickens and guinea pigs.  

Supporting school readiness.

Later academic learning requires a strong sensory foundation so we have three sandpits, a mud pit, an abundance of water play, tree climbing and copious opportunities for children to develop their sensory systems - a vital building block for school readiness.  In addition, for children to be able to sit still and tune into structured learning at school, they need plenty of proprioceptive input in the early years - through climbing, running, jumping, digging, heavy lifting - so the vital body-brain connections can form. 

A great booklet on brain development from KidsMatter can be found here: It outlines journey of brain development from utero through to age 5.

As we live on a mountain, our weather offers even more opportunities for discovery and learning.  Be sure to pack clothes for all seasons as we encourage outdoor play in all weather and we do love a good walk in the rain!

More about school readiness

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