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Play-Learn-Grow 4yr Kindergarten


KRCC Bush Kinder recognised as example of exemplary practice!  See the press release here.

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Our programs are developed in accordance with:

  • National Quality Framework

  • Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework 

  • Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

You can access, review and input into your child's learning through our online documentation platform, Storypark.

High quality play-based education in the year before school


Our Play-Learn-Grow four-year-old kindergarten program operates over 15 hours each week during school terms.  The session times are:

  • Monday 9-3pm

  • Wednesday (Bush kinder) 3 hours

  • Thursday 9-3pm

  • Friday 9-3pm

You are able to choose two full session days plus bush kinder to make up your 15 hours of kindergarten.

All kindergarten programs are operated by a degree qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher.

What you can expect from Play-Learn-Grow 4yr kindergarten

At KRCC we know about the importance of free flow in a kindergarten program.  So we structure our programs with enough uninterrupted time for children to become deeply involved in their play. We then work along side each child to extend their learning and development.  We may do this by; asking questions, suggesting ways to expand their play or providing language and vocabulary for children to try. 

Within our free flow program we inject sufficient productive structure to gently guide children through the year to help them be ready for their transition to school. This typically includes small and large group work, guided activities, intentional teaching, incursions, excursions, music, story reading, participating in packing up activities, cooking, gardening or a reading program with local primary schools.

These activities take place in both a home kinder and bush kinder environment.

More about bush kindergarten 

A note about school readiness

You might think that school readiness means a child knows their ABC's, can write their name, sit still and listen attentively and start to recognise words.

While some  children do achieve this, school readiness entails a different set of skills to what you might expect:

  • Being confident to try new things

  • Being able to ask for help when stuck or unsure (imaging the dynamics of a busy school playground)

  • Being able to manage their own personal items: lunch, bags, clothes

  • Social skills and respect for diversity

  • Resilience

  • Emotional literacy and self regulation

Here is a great article about what learning and school readiness looks like in a high-quality early childhood kindergarten program.

More about

National Quality Framework

Early Years Learning Framework EYLF / VEYLDF

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