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Play-Learn-Grow from birth to 5 years

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Service fee structures.

Our Play-Learn-Grow sessions are structured to suit the needs of most families, ensuring an effective use of child care subsidy allocations.

This change has been made in 2019 following changes to the Child Care Subsidy introduced in 2018.

Play-Learn-Grow - Full day 

Play-Learn-Grow - 9-3pm

What to bring 

For babies and toddlers:​

  • bottles with measured formula or expressed breastmilk 

  • items which help your little one sleep - soothers, special blanket etc

  • Nappy creams if required - nappies are provided by us

  • Lots of named spare clothes

  • Sun hat or beanie as weather predicts

  • Sunscreen if your child requires a special sunscreen 

  • Medication in accordance with enrolment details

For all children:

  • Water bottle

  • Sunhat or beanie (as the season requires)

  • ​Lots of spare clothes - suitable for the weather

  • Sunscreen if they require a special sunscreen

  • Medication in accordance with enrolment details

For Play-Learn-Grow kindergarten programs:

  • Also bring a healthy lunch box containing morning and afternoon snacks and lunch along with a water bottle.

  • Food for Play-Learn-Grow 3-yr-old kindergarten is provided.  Parents are welcome to pack additional healthy snacks if desired.

"Play is the work of children" - Maria Montessori


Children are programmed to learn - it is instinctual.  For very young children, the most effect form of learning is that gained through play. 


In play, children extend their natural curiosity, push themselves, use more complex language and communication strategies and have longer focused attention spans than through 'chalk and talk' style instruction.


A day of play for a child is as important and valuable as a day in the library for a researcher.  Play truly is, the work of children.

At KRCC our programs are based around play in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  You can expect to see experiences, environments and interactions built around your child's strengths, interests and developmental needs. Through our online learning documentation platform, Storypark, you can watch their learning develop, add to it and share with family.

More about the EYLF

More about the importance of Play

Group ages and stages 

We offer high quality early education and care for children from birth until the their 6th birthday. 


At KRCC we like to take a flexible approach to how we structure our groups.  At all times, all children are invited to move throughout the centre into various different programs and in our shared outdoor garden, as this helps support sibling connections and peer-to-peer teaching and learning.  As a team, we keep in constant contact with each other to understand where all children are at any given time.

At the start of each year, we assess our enrolments and structure our group sizes and ages in accordance to what is best for the children and the families at the time.  This may change throughout the year as our community grows and changes.

Parents and carers can choose either a full day Play-

Learn-Grow session or a 9-3pm Play-Learn-Grow session as their needs require. 

More about

Play Based Learning

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF / VEYLDF)

National Quality Framework

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Play-Learn-Grown places for your child

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